"L'Union européenne devrait favoriser... l'utilisation des patrimoines criminels confisqués au bénéfice de la communauté" cit. Commission européenne contre le crime organisé

mardi 25 mars 2014

Eight Key Aspects of the New Directive on Confiscation in Europe

The European Parliament (EP) yesterday (25 February 2014) approved the Proposal for a Directive on the freezing and confiscation of proceeds of crime in the European Union (EU). The text approved was the result of the trialogues held by the Council of the EU, the Parliament and the Commission: therefore, there is little doubt that the Council will in turn approve the same text passed yesterday by the Parliament, which will finally become the new European law on confiscation.
Having read what politicians, journalists and commentators have said in this regard, I wish to briefly address eight key aspects that in my opinion characterise, positively or negatively, this Directive. I ask the reader to consider that this is just a selection of the most relevant issues and I have no pretension to be exhaustive.... La SUIITE

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